Massage Therapy in Mount Pleasant

Ryan Sheppard LMT, NMT (license# 3390) has been a licensed practitioner of massage therapy since 2002, a graduate of Miller Motte college in Wilmington, NC. With and for each client he strives to always decrease pain and increase function. Increasing function is important both mentally (siting his experience from working with our military men and women overcoming PTSD to the stress management of day to day life) and physically (minimizing pain and removing restrictions). Ryan is most thankful for his 20 years of experience, over 14,000 treatments and counting, gifting him the ability to provide the most efficient, effective massage therapy available.  Click here to schedule a massage with Ryan.

Ryan is the owner and founder of Treatmint Massage Therapy and decided to team up with Dr. Curtis at Mount Pleasant Health Center so they could provide the best neuromuscular care by combining chiropractic and massage therapy at one convenient location. Ryan is an expert in many techniques and methods, including Swedish massage, stretching, deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports massage, hot stones, reflexology, cupping therapy, essential oils, and others.

Tina Hammond, LMT (license# 5356) is a 2007 graduate of Trident Technical School. As a former special needs teacher and Mother to a special needs son herself, the crossover to being helpful even further was easy for her. She loves the critical and medical aspects of massage therapy as they serve in assessment and discovering the core issues to be addressed with clients. In a profession that sees the average lifespan of a therapist conclude after 6 years (due to the physical demands), Tina believes exercise, adjusting her own body mechanics, self awareness, allowing time to herself for mental clarity, and working to her strengths are the ingredients to effective longevity as a therapist. Tina is currently available every other Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Click here to schedule a massage with Tina.

Jill King, LMT (license# 7604) attended Body Mind College in San Diego, CA. The school covered the basics as well as teaching the students to look at the body as a whole. She graduated in 2010, spending the last 10 years as a licensed practitioner. Jill’s sessions involve integrating the use of sports massage, swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point therapy and stretching. It is important to recognize that each individual is unique and the body reacts differently, on any given day, to physical activity, stress, proper rest, et cetera. As such,  she listens to the client and their body/tissue; and tailors a treatment plan specifically to what is needed in that moment. Click here to schedule a massage with Jill.