Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy encompasses a variety of treatments including exercise prescription, mobilization, electric or other physical agents that focus on improving your overall quality of life while minimizing pain. The focus of physiotherapy is to strengthen, stabilize, or restore joints and muscles to their maximum range of motion. Whether your pain is the result of an accident, sports injury, repetitive use, or a chronic condition, physical therapy can help improve your quality of life at any age.

Can physical modalities replace pain medication?

Many families want to avoid taking over-the-counter drugs or potentially addictive prescription pain medications. Physiotherapy is an effective, proven alternative to pain medication. Instead of masking or minimizing pain with drugs, Dr. Curtis offers natural pain relief through active physiological therapeutic methods. These techniques strengthen and stabilize injuries or chronic conditions that are causing discomfort or intense pain.

Depending on your individual diagnosis, your treatment plan may include one or more of the following therapies or modalities:

➝ Physical activities and exercises
➝ Mechanical traction or decompression
➝ Manual manipulation of spine, muscles, arms, or legs
➝ Moist heat therapy
➝ Cryotherapy
➝ Low level laser therapy
➝ Postural correction and training
➝ Ultrasound
➝ Electric muscle stimulation

Are there any side effects from physical rehabilitation?

Generally, when you choose qualified, trained health care professionals like the ones at Mount Pleasant Health Center, physical medicine modalities are safe and effective with minimal or no side effects. Not every method is right for each person, so Dr. Curtis will determine which ones are best for your specific condition. Not only is he a chiropractor, but also has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Health, Exercise and Sports Science. Once you’ve been evaluated, he will explain the appropriate treatments or exercises that will help relieve your pain.

How successful are these physical treatments?

When it comes to pain management, research consistently shows that physical medicine and chiropractic are effective treatments for a wide variety of conditions, especially low back pain. Additionally, there is a high success rate when you choose physiotherapy as your first strategy of combating chronic back or joint pain. Consistency is the key to making the most out of your therapy treatments so your body can adjust and stabilize.

If you’d like to know more about how to manage your pain safely with natural therapy, call us today, or schedule a consultation online.